Negligence Or Media Hype?

There has been an ongoing issue regarding the Animals located in the Karachi Zoo, the largest city of the Capital Islamabad. This city is the hub of Industries and to beautify like any other city, Zoo was constructed years ago, where beautiful majestic animals along with the King of the Jungle was brought in as a gift by South Africa in 2012. But, unfortunately recently it was found that the beautiful animal developed pneumonia and the illness lasted for 14 days, though the Vets visited the zoo but unfortunately the animal couldn’t be saved. It was a rare White Lion which was gifted by South Africa to Pakistan in 2012. Due to the disturbing image, we would refrain to not to share the image, as being an animal enthusiast myself, it had made me feel devastated and sick inside that I couldn’t watch the image neither the footage.

Out of curiosity and anger, I wish to ask my readers that what went wrong? Who is actual responsible for the death of the poor animal? The problem with my people is that they are more likely interested in writing and becoming a social media warrior, instead of actually coming up with solutions and conclusions to the ongoing problem. At the first place, when there isn’t enough funds and volunteers, workers and system where the Animal can actually survive, why do we need to bring them in here without doing proper homework? What I don’t understand is, I am unable to still find out the answer for why do we need Zoos, what is the purpose of having them? What is the use of having a zoo when we cannot take care of the Animal as they are suppose to be. Nature made them that way and created them in a certain environment because other than that they won’t be able to survive. There are certain sanctuaries built in different countries for the Animals to live in peacefully without being hunted or harmed by the Humans. My heart literally breaks each time when I hear about an animal in misery, because it seems as if we Humans are taking the under privilege as a source of our entertainment and use them according to our needs of satisfaction, unfortunately this is what reality is. I guess the patience and tolerance level has been crossed and it is time that we all come together and raise our voice for the voiceless, because Animals cannot speak and for their rights We Will Become Their Voice, so join me in and help me grow an army for the Animals living lives in misery and abandonment.

Let us work on this, like we worked on Kaavan, we stood together for Kaavan and for all the animals that were in Islamabad Zoo, we helped to shut it down for good, now this time it would be for Karachi Zoo. We don’t need any Zoo because we cannot take care of them neither provide them their basic necessity of living. So come join hands with me and let us grow our voice so loud that it could be heard out to everyone even across the nation.

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