Did You Know?

It is ridiculous on the part of the Authority of the Safari Park. Well, it was previously reported that the elephant present in the safari park was considered as a Male, 10 years ago which has now been revealed as as Female Elephant by the Authorities.

You would be as shocked as we are, as it is really weird to find out after a decade that the animal’s gender was misjudged? what worse could we ask for! with so much of negligence coming from the authorities gives a funny feeling that they are actually not interested with the news spreading all over the globe. This all happened when a delegation from the International Animal Organization had recently arrived in Karachi for a medical check-up on a complaint that Elephants at the Karachi and Safari park were not being properly cared for.

I never thought of keeping animals in cages or a secluded place where they were confined to the concrete walls. This isn’t the habitat that they were born in, this is what we have given them. It really makes no sense as to how Humans have considered themselves as the ultimate power for everything present on this land. Why do they forget that it is the Almighty who has decided what has to be done and how has it to be implemented, yet the Human mind is upto all the things which is out of his reach as well.

I hope with so much negative happening each day, I get to hear a positive news of shutting down all the Zoos in Pakistan, because it is so heart breaking to see those animals living their lives in misery without proper care, love, affection from their own mates, as well as from the Humans. It’s simply saddening.

Stay tuned for more updates on Animals and their life.

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