Want To Give Quality Food To Your Dog, Then Opt For ‘Goody’

In these times rescuing animals and meeting their expense has become a bit difficult but as it is said that if you do good then certainly the Universe will help you out completely so that you won’t feel the burden on yourself. Ever since I came into this field of creating awareness for Animals in our society, there has been an inner self satisfaction of helping those who cannot help themselves by any means, the contentment that I feel and when my heart starts appreciating my effort, that is the time I feel that I have done something good for the Nature. I don’t expect anything from anyone neither I want any pat on my back. I just want that the message that I am trying to spread around the globe through my work, blogs and videos, I want that it should reach out to everyone and make each one of them realize that how animals are important for a society as well as Nature.

I have never promoted any brand like this but since everything has reached to sky rocketing prices where petrol price is being increased upon every 15 days then how can we expect that the prices of these items won’t increase. Ofcourse, everything will increase and has to so cannot compromise on anything specially when it comes to pet. Ever realized that when you give food to your pets, do you think what you are feeding is right for your dog? Do you think twice before giving any specific meal to your dog or you simply just give it to him as he’s hungry? It is learned that majority of the people simply give what they eat and without understanding the nutrients level, the pet dog eats which results in most of the causes of bloating, diarrhea, vomit or either the pet stops eating and drinking water. What we are trying to make you understand here is, to always make sure that what your pet is eating has to be of good quality and the product has to be ISO certified; means, has to be of an authentic brand.

Goody has been considered as a good quality food for your pet dog and has been easy on their tummy and stool as well. Most of the pet foods are expensive and has to be as the Brands are recognized internationally which means the quality of the food is best. Therefore, I recommend you to always make sure whenever you are changing any brand or changing any meal of your pet, please make sure that you always take quarter proportion of the new meal and add it in the previous meal, mix it together and then give your dog to eat. In most of the cases, this practice makes the dog get use to of the new meal that you have added hence it gives him an idea of the change of the food and by this method, you shall know whether your dog would like to have it again or not.

Please remember, you are not suppose to force your dog to eat what you give, because it is there wish and will as well. Maybe he is tired of having chicken everyday so one day, he won’t eat it with same passion as before, try adding boiled rice to it, then see whether he enjoys it. Making a week’s meal plan for your pet is going to be good enough for you too. Easy for you to maneuver and won’t be of any hassle. After all, there is no difference between an Animal’s child or a human child, because they both share the same attributes.

Stay tuned for more updates on animals and their well-being.

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