Walkie Talkie And Her Kitties

A nerve breaking incident happened today but thankfully, it didn’t end it as it seemed. This incident happened today noon, just as soon as I got out of my car in my home, as usual I spotted two kittens of my Walkie Talkie playing underneath the generator, until within split seconds I hear loud cries of one of the kitten. While walkie talkie was outside my main gate, upon hearing her kitten’s cries she comes to rescue her but unfortunately she couldn’t. As everything happened too quickly, I couldn’t figure out where did the kitten get stuck as the Generator is packed and when I try to go near to the kitten, Walkie Talkie starts looking at me angrily and of course, she was being protective for her child but she couldn’t actually help as Human Hand was needed for sure. Instead of me trying to get into trouble, I quickly called the Vet Javed Ali Rajput, he as usual very prompt and swift that he attended my call and hurried towards my house. In the meantime, I was looking at the consequences and of course trying to figure out how to help the poor kitty while the Mother Cat is still in presence, but thankfully, the Kitten managed to get out of it SAFELY, and yes by herself only. It was a matter of 20 minutes that this all happened…It was surely very heart breaking to hear those cries of the kitties, but little did I knew what I could do as the mother cat aka Walkie Talkie didn’t let anyone come near her.

It was just a few minutes later that the kitty managed to get out of the packed Generator all in one piece and safely. This whole scenario could have been painful if GOD forbid something would have happened to the Kitten, but thankfully the kitten is saved and survived. This is for all those who have kittens and cats at home, those who rescue and foster Paws. It’s just a request to keep an eye on the little ones specially as they are the ones who can easily sneak under the cars, inside the car tyres, engine plates and GOD knows whereelse! it is really very freaking and at the same time scary to hear the kitten loud noise as soon as the Engine ignites.

Please be careful and alert.

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