Friday Quote: You Can Change A Life By Your Kindness

Most of us when we are about to take the step towards helping someone, a thought in our mind always boggle and that is ‘will my help be of any worth, does he really needs it or will it even count?’ this thought runs in each and everyone of us minds and you know, this is the thought which makes us fall back our kindness, if for a second we don’t think about anything except of helping that somebody at that moment, You would be able to change a life for that somebody. I have always seen and have heard from people that whatever good you do to others, whether it is of feeding someone, showing a way, helping financially, or even sharing a smile, the whole nature would bring good to you! this is how universe works and I have witnessed it. The inner satisfaction of happiness makes you feel good and contended that you did lit someone’s day and that feeling is all worth it.

The image above is very well made because this way you would be able to understand that may it be a tiny living being on this planet, even they need help at times. Humans are the utmost supreme being created by the Almighty, yet given the sense of helping someone in need and one shouldn’t fall back while doing good to someone!

So before sleeping, do think what good you did today. Maybe your kindness can change someone’s life 🙂 think about it.

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