Saturday Post: Do You Need A Hand Or A Paw?

Couldn’t find a better caption instead of what I wrote. I can write my story thousands of times and still won’t be able to get over it. Animals and animals is what I can talk about throughout the day because I have realized, the compassion, love and affection the Animals store for their humans is so pure and affectionate that you cannot cheat on them, heartless are those who are unable to realize and run after the breeds of for finding the pure love. As for me, being an Animal Advocate, I am a true animal lover where all the animals hold the equal place in my heart.

So just be sure whether you a Breed Enthusiast or an Animal Enthusiast, because there is a difference between the two and you need to be sure as they both require the same amount of love and affection and you would receive the same amount of affection from them.

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