Winter Wave In The Metropolis

This year has begun with the change in the weather drastically, the winters are really getting chilly and cold in the late hours of the night. With extreme winds at times to the cold breeze, it really gets difficult to stay out in the open for even minutes. Those who have pets then kindly show a bit of concern to the animals in your neighborhood, you don’t need to do much except of just placing clean water bowls and food bowls out at the corner spot where they animals of the land can consume it freely. Mostly what happens is that the street animals tend to roam around during the night in search of food and then lose their life to the hit and run cases. Any extreme weather is bad for us and the animals because the chances of survival are even more of Humans as compared to the Animals because we can get treated at the most cases unlike the Animals who are not even attended until not kept as a Pet. Just try to visit the shelter homes and see the condition of the Animals, I wouldn’t say that they are living their best of the best life but yes, they are able to atleast survive without any fear of getting bullied or killed. Having fed all the day without getting beaten is a blessing for them and ofcourse the prayer that they would say to their Lord would definitely be earned, therefore so many people come and rescue the animals or donate the shelters.

This is such an irony that a dog trusts the people who gives them food, without knowing that the food that he has been given might would kill him, they don’t think for a second and have it simply because they get to excited that they would be fed and would get to sleep with filled stomach to wakeup next morning. But, saddening is that the Humans are the worst enemies! All that I have written in this article is filled with mixed emotions and sentiments because being an Animal Activist is not easy, infact none of the field in life is easy because it is very tough specially when we are raising a voice for someone who cannot even defend himself on his own! Animals are the least concerned living being on this planet and we as Humans should be able to speak up for their Rights and their existence on this planet. We do not have the right to ruin anyone’s life or to take anyone’s life because we would be judged by our actions at the day of Judgement and we should take in account that whatever we do on this land would reflect our character and personality.

Like I always say “Action speaks louder than Words

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