Sunday Post: Guess Who Is This?

I wasn’t a photographer until I had pets 🙂 yes it does sounds a bit funny but the best part is it is because of them that Now I can proudly call myself a pet photographer.

Meet Tiger son of Walkie Talkie. He was aggressive and not so friendly before but with time, as I didn’t push him for friendship. He saw me petting his mother fondly and the way Walkie Talkie trusted herself with me that she use to come to me and sit right on my foot and asked for pets, her son Tiger use to watch me stroking his mom and his mom purring with love. Always remember to give time to animals to get use to your touch and affection ofcourse, they can’t trust everyone with themselves so they will defend by either hissing or scratching, so it’s better to not force yourself on them. Give them sweet time as much as they require. One day when I was pouring food in the bowl, Tiger came to me and let me touch him fondly, with little light strokes he literally started purring and that was the time that I knew he trusts me with himself. Now wherever I am, he knows that I will find him on his cat bed and I will surely stroke him and wish him good day and give lots of food and pets.

Onething is for sure, whether it’s an Animal baby or a Human baby, they both look cute. No?

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