Saturday Post: Looking For A Perfect Dog Bed?

There are plenty online sites which claim that they have the perfect dog bed material available for your pets, actually most of them do have but who wishes to spend a lot of money? The point is if you’re really looking for something which suits best for your pet as well as you, the fabric, the washing issues and also what if it holds back the stain and isn’t washable-to move all that doubt I have something to tell you all.

This is my baby Diesel who loves sleeping on his bed, as it is super comfortable and easy on his skin. The reason I opted for Bella and Buddy dog bed is because this is something made in Pakistan, which is affordable than most of the Dog Beds which are more than 10K because they get them from US/UK, most important thing for me is the comfort level and the fabric because at the end of the day I do not wish to end up buying Dog Beds which actually are a waste and heavy on pocket. When I came across Bella and Buddy co., I simply asked the lady behind this magic, she simply told me to get in touch with the clients and I was super relieved when I read the reviews about this product. I must say, this Dog Bed is suitable for your Dogs as it’s very soft and comfortable for any age of your Dog. They have 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large and ofcourse the value of money depends on which size you pick. Since I have a senior dog and according to my dog’s measurement it suited a Large Dog Bed, so got Large Bed for him and since then I am so happy and relieved seeing my Dog enjoying his bed and stays most of the time on it whenever he feels sleepy.

This is a good product and I definitely recommend you to get it for your Dogs!

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