Sunday Post: Say A Little Prayer

Hello people, hoping all of you are staying well and taking care of yourselves as the new covid variant doesn’t seems to go anywhere so we only have to take precautions and care consistently.

Today I won’t be sharing anything regarding what I usually do, I just want to say that just be kind and be thoughtful for others and be good to yourself and others who ever you meet or know in your family or friends because we never know to whom our kindness brought a little smile or motivated. If each one of us starts to behave in a positive manner then you’ll see how the life and people would change around you, everything would become so different just as you had always thought. A little positivity in us can actually bring a big change in the things we have, our mind, our gestures, our words everything would be different and positive for good. We don’t understand just onething and that is kindness, because often the kind people at heart are the ones who are taken for granted and I am sure, it is most of us who have felt the same way, of course I am in that list too, that I now have to tell myself to be good just for the sake of myself. Yes, I want people to be nice with me that’s why I treat them nice, if today I see someone in trouble, I won’t hesitate to help as I would simply go and do whatever is possible in my capacity to give some relief to the person who is in need. When I am driving and I see few people standing at the corner of the road to wait for the cars to stop, I wouldn’t actually wait for others to stop first, if I am the first in the line or the second even, I make sure to stop when I can to let the people pass through only because I am in no hurry and I can see that the people are standing to wait for the cars to stop so why can’t I be the one to be Kind enough to do so. When I go to a parlor, a bride looks at me and asks “how do I look”, I simply tell her “you look beautiful”, because I know it is her big day and every bride wants to look beautiful and wants to hear good comments. If my words can bring a smile on someone’s face then I wouldn’t hesitate to say a good comment afterall, we all need an uplifter and may YOU can be one too!

At the end of the day before going to bed I always think that what good I did today so I can sleep peacefully. Every time you feel you need a kickstart in life, then simply say a little prayer for Gratitude, indeed you shall be rewarded for every good you put out in the universe.

Stay tuned for more motivational stories and if you like this one then let me know should I write more of it in the comments below.

Keep following and flowing with what nature wants you to do 🙂 Success is YOURS!





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