It’s Just About Love And Affection That Can Change A Life

If everyone is given a chance to correct themselves, then it would be said to look inside your collar. You know why? It is said so that before pointing a finger at someone else, it is very important to correct yourself first.

It is an irony that people have the guts of taking away the life of a living being, may it be a Human or an Animal. I really feel for the animals the most because they are the ones who cannot speak for themselves and neither can talk to express or even share their pain which they feel they are caused by the Humans. Everyday, every second of their lives they are fearing to live peacefully on the street without being hurt or being someone’s bait for fun. It is really so sad when I look at the poor animal on the street. I cannot do much, but I know I can help them out, I can be someone whom they can trust, whom they know won’t hurt them at all. It doesn’t takes anything to be a good person. The video that I am about to share shows what really a bit of your concern, love and affection can do to someone. It is all about Love and Care given with full heart.

It is always said that if you cannot do anything good to another then atleast don’t make their life hard by torching them and not letting them live their life freely. You are no one to take away their life and no one to torcher them for your entertainment. Animals are not a source of Entertainment, they are not amusement as well. They are living beings and deserve to live with equal rights as of Humans as their share the same right on this land.

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