Not All Heroes Wear Capes

One thing that is to be learned that Animals won’t trust immediately, with all the hatred that they have gone through while surviving on the streets, it’s not easy for them to build the trust because what they have gone through is not something that we can imagine. They have all the right to not to trust us because Humans haven’t been so kind with them, they neither gave shelter nor food to survive then how can we think of them trusting us. Think about it. Recently we had come across a little puppy wandering on the street looking around for his mother, we wanted to help the puppy and we did but before we could find his mother, we started to ask around for the mother dog and got to know that his mother was abused and tortured by the people on the street. They would hush her while she use to hunt for food near the trash can or the kids on the street stoned her. Unable to survive the trauma she died while hiding her kid in the safest place she thought. A kind woman and his son were the ones who took care of the puppy, and we asked them how did they feed him as they didn’t have food to eat for themselves as well. The little boy who would be around 7years of age he said that, the money they get by the people, he buys bread and little milk for the puppy so he can survive this cruel world. The look on the boy’s face and his teary eyes told the untold truth of the puppy’s life. It literally melted our hearts and we couldn’t resist to insist him and offered them some money so they can live well and feed themselves and asked them if we take the puppy with us. Instead of letting us allow taking the puppy, the boy insisted if we could let the puppy stay with them as the little guy was a good luck charm for them and the little boy’s attachment could be clearly seen by the way the puppy named ‘Monty’ was so much hovering around the little boy. I have always witnessed that Kindness is something that comes from within, it is an insight soulful thing that actually tells you to do something good for the other and in return the happiness that is received is something that is totally out of this world. The inner happiness that actually cannot be described in words is something that is eternal, something which feels like a source of goodness and the sense of helping someone just makes you feel you good and makes your day even brighter and positive. We learn a lot from rescues and we tend to share more during the process of rescuing animals because every time it is different and it is unique.

There are some sad days, some low hopes and some moments were we feel like giving up, but then there are days where we feel this is not the time to give up, much more needs to be done and a lot can be done to make things better and to make this society a better place for these animals to live in peacefully. As I believe nothing is impossible and everything can be possible if the approach is done rightly, the focus is strong and honest and the will power to keep going until it’s achieved-then the goal is achieved. It is said the more harder you work, the more success you get, but must is that you need to work hard in order to be a successful person. Anything that is done rightly, always goes a long way as the path is never ending, so always believe in yourself and your focus, if you feel that you are doing right then nothing in this world can stop you.

Mark my words.

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