Ukraine In Crisis Amid War

Our heart goes out to the citizens of both the Countries. We never thought that this day would arrive where we would come across news about ongoing War. This was something which our grandparents and parents witnessed and never had wanted to relive the moment. This is surely a time of grief, of course none of us wants to have War, in which human lives as well Animals lives are at stake.

We stand with Peace, we want to live Peacefully and share love, empathy, happiness towards each and everyone irrespective to their religion, country, race, sex, nationality. It is something that we have learnt all our lives, fighting doesn’t gives any solution in-fact it teaches us hatred, anger, revenge and which never ends and stays forever in our hearts and lives.

Therefore, I request you all to say a prayer for those who have lost their lives in order to defend their mother land and pray for peace, pray that this War ends forever.

Anyone of you who knows someone living in the targeted areas are requested to reach us out so we could help them in any way possible.

We shall be sharing all news regarding the updates on the on-going war also how the people are coping up with their lives as well as their animals life whom they have left their houses with.

Stay safe people!

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