Ukraine: People Leave Their Houses With Their Pets, But This Man Did Something Else

There are a lot of people who have left their homes with their pets irrespective whether they would be able to make alive through the war, but what we have observed is that people have not left their pets behind. Seen many footages and images where it can be seen how lovingly they have their pets with them in cages, carriers, cars and if no space to keep then they are carrying them in their hoodies!

This shows how much pets mean to them and has uplifted our spirits that when they can then why can’t we. Where we are sharing about these people, there is a man who has willingly decided not to leave UKRAINE amid war, because he has around 400 dogs rescued who live with him. Check this out.

Andrea Cisternino is the hero to 400 dogs that he has rescued, lives in Ukraine and he has stated that he would rather die with them than leave them behind and above all is also continuing to help the animals that are left behind.

Anyone who wishes to help him then kindly visit his Facebook page.

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