Who Was Hachiko?

A tale of a dog who made people believe that Dogs are a man’s best friend. There is a movie on such a dog as well, but I didn’t watch it. You know why? because I know what it feels like to be in the position of losing someone dearest. The trauma the dog must have gone through, he is the only one who felt it, his owner left forever and never returned but it was Hachiko who waited at the same spot for 10 years until he passed away.

It is so sad to see that how people mistreat and disregard Dogs in our society. Education plays a vital role and I would add that people who lack knowledge are the ones who wouldn’t understand the thought about having a Dog as a companion. The difference between the communication doesn’t seems any barrier as it is somehow communicated so well that the Dog understands even the unsaid words.

Care for them if you have them because they would be the ones whom you miss the most once they are gone, cherish each moment as these are the best ones you’ll ever make.

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