Don’t Abandon Your Pets, They Deserve To Live

He said “There are many cats on the street disturbing and intruding our place, why doesn’t anyone takes them or kill them. They are just a value added in the living space in our area. What’s their purpose, anyway!”


I overheard this conversation of an old man talking to a pedestrian while I was crossing a grocery store. Though I would have answered the old man but I chose not to. The only reason which made me not to answer back was, the perception and the ideology that we as a society live in. It is pretty astonishing to see people mistreating animals and the way they regard them as a living being. To most of them, the purpose of the animal is nothing except a living thing which can be treated as an entertainment or amusement for them or their children.Weird! I feel disgusted when I hear people passing comments on animals with hatred. There are people like me, who care for animals and would go an extra mile to help an animal in pain. This is a form of Humanity, which is hardly observed within people and those who abide are often called as ‘Dumb’. Animals are pretty innocent and ask for nothing except of Kindness, love and family who would care for them for the rest of their lives. They shouldn’t be hit, traumatized, or abandoned just because of their breed or age. Age is a fact, a fact which we also deal with. It is the same feeling as we feel when our children leave us at the Old Age Home just because, they are tired of us, have no time for us or are fed up of our grumblings. We are no different than any poor, heartless being because we are also selfish and selfish for love and affection. We get affected who shows love to us.

They said, feed a dog for 3 days, he shall remember you for 3 years. Feed a human for 3 days, he shall forget you in 3 minutes!

Think about it! Nobody likes to be abandoned, animals have feelings and they get hurt. They cry and shout for their loved ones, when left behind! Please don’t abandon your pets for any reason, You are their family and let them live them with you! They would die without you and wouldn’t trust any other Human just because their Humans left them at the Shelter House to die!

What do you have to say about this?

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