When Will Dog Fights End?

Dog fights are considered as one of the brutal game all over the world. Like I don’t understand the logic behind these games where you see two dogs fighting and the weaker one is brutally killed by the other dog whereas the crowd keeps standing and cheers on the winning dog as they have placed a bet on it.

It is similar to the fact that these Animals are used as objects, to be used and abused in any way possible and which can actually benefit the lust of Humans. How pathetic isn’t it? There are other games all over the globe which till date do exist and no one can put a stop to it, recently I was reading news and came across a famous Bull Fight game where the bull was brutally attacked and killed to death whereas, the audience cheered on the manly act. If you think of it, how can it be so brave of someone to get into the ditch and play do or die game with a four times bigger size of a Human? How daring it is? The horrifying and painful part is that, these people are only after money, the majority crowd loves these types of games and also place a good bet on them. It is because of them that these beautiful animals are endangered.

I request you all to please help us placing a ban on such cruel games where these Animals are objected and used as Human’s bait. These animals are meant to live freely and without any restrictions.

If you feel the same then do comment below.

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