Why Is TNR Important?

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) is recommended for the animals living on streets. It helps them not to produce more litters, the health of the animal gets better and further more importantly, they are saved from any diseases which may affect their litter.

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There are still ongoing cases where we have individually stepped forward in order to avoid any more diseases outspread. The more the animals end up on the street the more the issue of health and viruses are considered and are spread rapidly hence it gets trouble treating them. The issue is that people don’t cooperate and neither they help us get to the animals. The awareness program is also being conducted by the Animal Activists, Animal Shelters in order to make the people understand about the whole process. People what they don’t understand is, that the Animal is not a breed production machine, they need to get themselves thoroughly checked before having any litter as it may result in a failure. The pet owners who don’t wish to have their pets litters are always looking forward to get them treated as they wish that their pet would spend more time with them which doesn’t happens with the pets who have litters.

So next time, if you wish to have another litter than try considering TNR process, it will help your pet gain back their health and as well as their living span would be increased.

Think about it.

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