Looking For Sponsors

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and staying safe during the Covid and it’s variant. I know it has been a difficult time for all of us during the pandemic and it is still taking a lot from us as we are coping up with it, some have lost their jobs, some are unable to carry on with what they have as it is limited and in limited resources. Life is tough I know, but to be honest, we all are in the same boat. So hang on as we are going to get through it as well. Amen.

Today my article is about reaching out to you in order to ask you to help me finance the Cats that I have with me. I have been feeding them, taking care of their meals 8 times a day, as these cats eat less but in portions and their medications are on my bill as well. Since the number of Cats have increased in my count, so I now am having difficulty getting them treated. I have 4 male cats and in order to get them treated (Neutered), I need you guys to help me with the Vet Bills.

I have found out that the cost for per Male Cat is Pakistani Rupees. 4000/- ( Rupees Four Thousand Only), that makes a total of Rs. 16,000/- ( Rupees Sixteen Thousand Only). Anyone who is willing to help me with the vet bills, can simply get in touch with me either in the comment section or simply by messaging me on my Facebook Group or on my Contact Form.

I would be really thankful to all of you!

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