Please Adopt And Don’t Shop

This is a very simple statement for you to realize that the Animals that end up in a shelter are seeking for a loving home and family, they also deserve someone to love them, to give them the love that they want. It is not that fault that their owners left them behind alone during a storm, or in their old age, they also want their family in their last days, don’t you think so?

Euthanized, this word sends shiver down my spine, you know why? Because this is so painful to hear and bear that so many unwanted pets that end homeless, are either a case of hit and run on the streets, or are tortured, abused, mistreated by the trespassers or are hit for fun at home by kids! So for all these animals who go through terrible incidents during their life, are not the ones who don’t deserve someone better. We all do and so they do too. Euthanizing is the last resort for the Shelters to get rid of these dogs, of course, as they have to get in more animals from streets and they are unable to provide them food and shelter so how would they be able to take care of those who are about to get enrolled in the shelter. The point is, that it’s always better to adopt from shelters, because even these animals are not any less than any breed. Their love is also pure, they would be as attached to you as any other breed, there is actually no difference.

Animals are the sweetest beings on planet, every kind of an animal has their own ability to defend themselves from predators, enemies and hunt when hungry. This is how they are created and this is the beauty of differentiation between Animal and a Human. It is time to rethink, to evaluate our actions, words and gestures, we should see how far we have proved to be a good Human and what sort of a monster we have turned into.

The choice is yours, to be a good cop or a bad cop! Think about it.

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