The Night Of Forgiveness “Shab-e-Barat”

This is the night when we Muslims from around the globe pray all night for our sins to wash away and for the forgiveness from Almighty. We all know that each and every day we commit uncountable sins, we lie to everyone, we cheat, hide, steal and so much that we forget that what is wrong. We hurt the innocent people, animals and those who cannot even defend themselves yet we think we are the superior entity on this land, whereas we forget that we the Humans are nothing and we have no value. We get so proud of ourselves without realizing that what we are today is because Almighty wanted us to be, the kindness that we do with people and animals is because HE wanted us to be, whatever we do, is nothing we should be proud of because it is Allah (S.W.T) the Almighty who is most gracious and merciful, it is HIM who makes us what we are today.

Therefore I request you all to please make the most of your life and live it to the fullest without hurting the Animals and the innocent people. We are here on this land to do our deeds, make our Creator happy and be a good person just what our Religion teaches us.

Be kind, as this is the basic ethic that we learn from our religion and every religion teaches us the basic manners, ethics and morals.

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