Little Do We Know About The Underprivilege

Well, we all do agree to the fact where there is a will- there is a way. Absolutely no second thoughts about it. As an individual, I feel that if we feel the urge of doing something in our lives may it be for saving someone’s life or either rescuing an animal from his misery, there is an inner satisfaction which tells us that yes! You’ve saved a soul. That’s what I call is the voice which we all need to follow.

In today’s era, everyone has their own lives, lost in their own world of worries and happiness whereas, there are people who are facing the worst issues of life. But- even then, they have the will of saving someone else from their misery. Today, I saw a homeless person feeding five little puppies, three times a meal- the same question arise in my head that how can he afford, when he doesn’t even have a place to live by himself. It would stun you as it did to me-he replied “GOD is there to feed me and I am here to feed them”. This statement really made me smile at his deed. Come to think of it, often people like him would either feed themselves or people who are like them but in this scenario I saw him feeding these animals.

We count our miseries and they count their blessings🙂isn’t that strange? We have all the luxuries in life but still are hesitant to step forward a be a lending hand for someone whereas, people like them- having empty pockets still have the guts to step forward and share with what they have.

Picture says it all

There are people within us- while having nothing still have a heart of gold. We cannot be judgmental upon the looks of someone, as we do not know who does what to keep the Lord happy.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals” – Immanuel Kant

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