Are You An Animal Enthusiast Or Animal Lover?

A question that basically sounds astonishing who label themselves as ‘Animal Lovers‘. I have witnessed people in my surrounding, watched many rescue videos and have always had a set back by people’s reaction! There is a lot of difference between an Animal Lover and an Animal Enthusiast.

There are still people around us who would actually spend thousands of Dollars to purchase a good breed of either a dog or a horse or any other animal. But wouldn’t have the heart to actually go and visit the animal shelter and give a home to those homeless animals. What have they done wrong? Don’t they deserve a loving home forever? If they ended up in a shelter, it doesn’t means that they are not worth your love and affection. This is the difference between an Animal Lover and Breed Conscious people. The person who is devoted would go an extra mile to save the animals from the shelter and give them a home, because they realize that those animals deserve equal treatment like any other pedigree animal. The shelter homes are not to be taken for granted, as the number of rescue animals increases, the shelters have no space to accommodate them and the poor souls are subjected to kill each year. There are certain states which have Kill Shelter, which means where the animals at the shelter homes are killed and each year approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized which includes dogs and cats. Ever wondered why are they euthanized? the only reason is- people don’t adopt 😔

People are abandoning their pets and animal shelters are filled with those rescues. We have to stop being picky about the breed of the dog and concentrate of how to decrease the animals at the shelter. If 1 person out of 10 steps forward, we will actually be able to save and spread awareness of adopting animals from the shelter and giving them forever home rather than spending lump sum amount on the specific breed. It time we all need to come together and join hands to save our furry friends.

I am doing my part- Are you?

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