Saturday Post: Do You Recognize Me?

Hi my name is Kitty, my mother is very famous on TikTok as Walkie Talkie, yes I know she talks alot that’s why my Hooman kept her name Walkie Talkie, and ofcourse, I do too but I can’t help it as I got it in my genes from my Mother. I lost my father a month ago, couple of cats injured him, my Hooman tried to save him but unfortunately he couldn’t make it and died. My hooman was very curious and searched for him but all her efforts went in vain, I made sure that I would keep her busy with my frolics and see me today, I have conquered her heart and soul, now she knows that I am another Walkie Talkie who keeps bothering her, follow her where ever she goes like a Shadow. Oh yes, I love to play with her shadow as well, but I still think that she is not use to me as I am still little and she gets so upset for me as she saves me from other big cats.

I am such a happy kitty because I have my own clean water bowl every day with food in a clean bowl too always filled, yes my yummy food and I don’t mind if any other cat eats it because I know my Hooman is going to feed anyone that comes to her house hungry. No wonder she has such a big audience of Animals.

This is for now till then have fun you all!

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