Animals Are Not Meant For Entertainment

Ever since I grew up I have not been fond of caging Animals. I remember when my father use to get us chicks (colorful chicks) yes, they were painted in different colors and being a kid of around 8-10 years of age, I enjoyed and used to ask dad to get them for us and he would. Until later I got to know that these chicks don’t survive for long because they are color dyed and the chemicals react severely which causes them a painful death. That very moment it struck me that how in my childhood I use to fall for these chicks and have them but unfortunately they never survived for more than 3 days. I always use to cry when each one died one after the other. My mother use to tell me that we shouldn’t buy these chicks because this way, the seller of the chicks would create more of them by coloring the poor chicks and making them enticing for the children so they can ask their parents to get them. It is that moment which made me what I am today, An Animal Activist.

The cruelty that I witnessed, heard and the amount of hatred and disregard I saw by the people made me so mad that I didn’t know what to do! It literally made me so mad that it left me no choice instead, it made me write and create awareness for the innocent Animals who are left on the streets to die. Those poor animals die daily, without food, shelter, hatred. I am sure they deserve a better home, a house filled with people which they can call Home. They also have the right to live on this land peacefully, why cannot we leave them alone? Why do we feel pride in hurting the poor animal, teaching children to misbehave with them ( yes, parents do provoke children in bothering the Animals as I have witnessed by my own eyes), I would cover on this topic in the next article but right now I have to say, that in order to make this society a better place to live, we need to value, understand the rights of the Animals and Humans and the fact that these both entities were created together and to live on this land peacefully. We have no right to kill the Animal for our own benefit. The killing of animals should be stopped as a brutal act, hence the chaos it creates amongst those who feel for the Animals, how the go through this heinous act is unimaginable.

With this being said, I request you all to please raise your voice for the voiceless, because Humans would be answerable to every little thing he cause hurt to or happiness to at the day of Judgement. You still have time to act good, this is your time to correct your deeds.

Think about it!

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