The Saddest News Of Today

This is such a sad news of today, it is also very painful to see how insensitive people have become. The way they comment, share memes and how weird their statuses are when it comes to a discussion about an Animal. Nobody still knows the exact reason of it’s death. This zebra has lived only four to five years in the Karachi Zoo after his mother passed away. This male zebra has been living his life alone and in such depression and anxiety his body finally gave up. Can you imagine his level of anxiety and depression? I think you can, because if you recall, during the Pandemic outbreak 2020, schools, colleges, offices everything was closed and you were home bound. The amount of depression you were in even though you had the best food set at the dining table, your family right beside you, your loved ones infront of you, even then you faced depression. When you can have all such feelings, then imagine this lonely zebra where he had none of his kind around, closed in cemented walls, no proper habitat which they are use to, how can you think he lived his best life? If you start imagining your life and compare yours to these Zoo animals then am sure you would feel the same for them too, because when you would look at them, it would reflect your personality while you were home bound, in depression and having anxiety, panic attacks while having all the luxuries in life, unlike them.

It is always easy to talk about the Animals when in cage, uncage them then see their ability to defend, attack and to hunt because this is what they are capable of and this is their trait. Like humans have a fond trait of cursing, hurting, killing and accusing the other just because of their own jealousy and which they get nothing in return. I have analyzed all this time that Humans are the worst monster on this Land. Humans are a curse on this planet because the Creator had created a man on this land to supervise, to judge between the wrong and right, to analyze, to think but even with all the best senses, Humans have proved that they are only what they want to be, what they feel is right and what feels good to them. It is an irony that Humans have failed in order to proof themselves as the wisest of the living being. I don’t know whether you would feel the same as me because I know I am a different person with a different mind set and for me all life matters because this is what our Creator made and we are suppose to take care of each one of them. We forget that this worldly affair is the one thing which is going to gain or deduct the deeds that we perform. We have to be kind enough and to broaden our focus point to analyze that whatever wrong is happening around us is to be considered and rectified because this is not right to judge everyone with the same eye.

It is so saddening to see people commenting negative on the death of this beautiful animal Zebra. It is really sad and I am out of words, because I have literally lost my trust in Humanity, there are some who are helping in creating awareness of the rights of the Animals and those who step up ahead in helping them live their life peacefully. It’s an irony, where people have no value for the Animals and yet they proudly call themselves as Superior of all the Living beings.

Now I leave it on you to decide, whether Zoo should be banned or not. Share your answers in the comments below.

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