My House Rules

In the beginning everyone had some issues with the new rules that I made when having Pets at home. This is what it looked like:

As soon as they got to know that I am now a parent to 4 adult Dogs along with 6 puppies, all the guests knew that my rules had to be followed by anyone who stepped in my house.

It is very important to have a complete discussion with your family before having a pet at home also when you extend that family because ofcourse, when you have a pet with you it is your family member and not ‘like’ a family. It has to be your responsibility at all times so in order to make the pet at ease, please have a proper homework done before keeping a pet with you because it isn’t really nice and neither it is kind to bring a pet at home and then to leave it back where you had got it from.

Remember pets are family and they need the same amount of care and affection just like your baby child.

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