Treat Animals With Love And Care

It is very important to be kind to everyone around you because this is the least that we can do to mankind. There is already so much of hatred and fear that we cannot afford any more troubles in our life, isn’t it?

First we faced pandemic, then outbreak of the covid variants now what’s next Ukraine vs Russia war, we were putting ourselves, our lives back together that now we are looking at a Real War happening in Ukraine… this is called insanity. When Humans think that they have the ability to control the less powerful one, makes the most biggest mistake because with the innocent is the Lord and HE knows what is the best of the best answer of that moment. Similarly, if you hurt an animal today knowingly then be prepared for karma as when it comes, it comes back right at you.

Animals are the most sweetest living beings. Looking at this picture, don’t you think that this poor dog is feeling sad. Animals are to run free, hunt whatever they want to, do whatever they like. This is their trait and all you need to do is help them is controlling themselves righteously. All this can happen due to proper training, and we shall share that article to you in the coming week.

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