Happy New Month Of June 2022

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Month Of June 2022! It’s been half a year already, time flies literally but what we should be grateful for is everything that we have and with what we have. The more we are thankful the more we will get from our Lord, don’t forget to say a little prayer for yourself and your loved ones, as you have no idea how much someone would have prayed for your wellness.

It’s been a wonderful journey (touchwood) blogging about various articles and happenings around us and all over the globe and surely, it hasn’t been any easy. It was always a task, a head turning point, raising eye brows on which ever topic we picked knowing that it might get a bit difficult but what is to happen is to happen, right. Speaking for the rights for the Animals- I mean someone has to do it then why not us! With so much in hand and more to come, the more we read and the more we explore, there isn’t a single house, place or an alley which is safe from monsters making living miserable for the animals.

So, this year we planned to cover as much of the Dog culling in my Metropolitan City as well as neighbouring countries and also about those who have been coming forward and helping become a lending hand to for our Furry Friends. This is what is called Humanity in real meaning. We really appreciate the spread of word for our work, the donations and the way you guys love and support my work, it really means a lot to me as this way I am able to know that my voice is being reached out and I am making this society a better place to live in and make people understand the value of co-existence of animals as they share the equal rights as of Humans.

Let’s walk in together and step ahead in the cause of raising Animal Rights Awareness.

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