Did You Know?

It is easy to call yourself as an Animal Lover, but it is as difficult to ask yourself that what do you mean by being an Animal Lover? Let me help you in differentiating between the two because most of us are unable to define it properly. Being an Animal Lover means to love the existence of all sorts of Animals of the land and air, correct? being an Animal lover means having no discrimination between the Breeds or specific species of the Animals. Therefore, it is always corrected that when you call yourself as an Animal Lover, better know the meaning of it because if you are an Animal Lover then the population of the Animals in the Shelters won’t be increasing as this is called being Breed Conscious.

By looking at the image most of you would come with why are we only discussing about the population of the Cats rather than all, well, this is just an image to define that all the Animals at the shelters are eventually euthanized because nobody wants to adopt them, they would rather drop off their pet and take another one because of numerous reasons. Which leaves us in a situation where we are in a state of question and as as well speechless, that what did the little innocent buddy do to get here.

Shelter animals are not happy because they are eventually dropped off, abandoned, abused or even tortured or taken for granted as giving litters. It is horrendous! Therefore, it is always requested that yes it is really a good news if your Cat is pregnant but it is also not good to have litters because this way, only the population increases and later you won’t be taking up the responsibility of taking care of the litter once they grow up, because eventually it is all the food, litter, care, vaccinations, vet visits everything that comes with it. Always keep in mind, the health of your pet is most important first then anything else. Help the shelters by spaying your pet, this way your cat would remain healthy and there won’t be more burden at the shelter houses as well.

Think about it!

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