Dogs Are Pure Friends

We knew animals are adorable, and affectionate as well but most importantly when no one care about you, it’s your pet that does! For whom you are so amazing, beautiful inside out, that it doesn’t really matter how fat are you or how short are you, they love you no matter what and under what circumstances they love you by their full heart.

This image reminds me of a stray dog that we took in years ago, my pet Sandy was very aggressive and possessive about her master but, when she saw this stray dog being bullied by another dogs on the road, sandy got outside the house and saved this another mother dog so that no other dog could actually harm her. We as in family got so worried that we literally ran outside to save our sandy from a huge dog fight. Later after good 1.5 hours, Sandy came running to us in the sign of Victory and wagging her tail as if she won the war and made those dogs go away and since then Sandy and that mother dog whom we named Lucky turned out best friends!

Animals are very cute and adorable!

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