Trusting Humans Is Not The Same Always!

We might think that Dogs do have a good sense of smell to determine which human can they trust, but the reality is, once the heart is broken, trust shaken then it becomes very difficult to trust the two legged once again. Not necessary that every time it is a fault of a Human if an animal is hesitant to respond to the humans, it is the other side of the story which you need to find out yourself in order to figure out what can be the root cause to such offending behavior.

Watch Here

In this video shared above, you can see that the Mother Dog is actually being very protective for her child and therefore it is getting a bit difficult for the rescuers to rescue her and her child. After long hours of struggling with the rescuing of the mother, they noticed that the Mother Dog is actually trying to revive her puppy who is dead already and she is very depressed and under severe anger. The way the rescuers handled her, is how it is should be done. It is always important to understand the the Animal does takes time in trusting you, therefore, you should never impose yourself on them forcefully as it might not end well for you and for the rescue. The more the gentle behavior the more the easy task it gets to rescue.

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