Helping An Innocent Soul, Helps You In Recovering

Did you know if you help someone in need, you actually help yourself. You don’t do it because he needs help, it is because you feel that how that person would be feeling and since you’re in that situation, so you tend to help them. Similarly, when you help an innocent soul from their misery, you’re actually saying a prayer to your Lord, to help you in your tasks, to what you desire.

There is a sudden flash back that I wish to share here. Few months ago, there was a disabled cat that was found around in my neighborhood, I spotted her once limping from her hind leg and was in a bad shape, felt as if she didn’t eat food in a while. I went to home as I saw her during my laps, I grabbed a clean bowl, poured Cat food and went along to find her as she literally went out of sight just within few minutes. After around good thirty minutes, I spotted her again and quickly went towards her, she kept looking at me and then starting running towards me as if she was my lost pet!! Yes, can you believe it. That moment was so startling for me as I was feeling so happy that the poor cat actually recognized me that I won’t harm her. She waited for me to put down the bowl and watched me whether I leave or stay. I simply told her to eat food and then I left the place. I went back home and then later after couple of hours, I see her sitting at the edge of my boundary wall and staring inside the window. When she looked at me, she let out a meow and then I replied, good girl. Probably she understood that I praised her that she ate her food, because after doing a little talking with her, I went out to check whether she ate her food or not, and guess what the whole bowl was empty!! I was so shocked because for a cat to eat that much, meant that she as probably damn hungry and it has been a while since she had anything that good.

I was so happy and contended that I helped a Cat in need and now even after few months, that Cat still visits me and sits at the same spot, other Cats know that I am the one who feeds the lot and takes care of them. So, other cats don’t bother at all. I really feel that it is not me who is doing good for animals, it is HE who is making me a better person each day by serving the Animals. It is not them who needs help, it is me and myself who seeks help and probably the prayers of these animals lead me to be what I am today.

What do you have to say about this?

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