Humanity Still Exists?

It is very depressing to witness animals roaming in search for food, being a case of hit and run, bullied with the adults and children on the streets yet again being cursed for being defensive for themselves, why are Humans so mean? I sometimes really wish to have a place where I can accumulate all the street animals in one compound where they can live the way they want to, without the fear of losing their life or loved ones, being bullied, stoned to death or killed mercilessly. Yes killed!

Wondering why I used the word “killed”, because in my country Pakistan, there are people who consider them a useless animal which roams around the streets and barks all day. They don’t understand their barking then how will they understand the cause of the existence, I really feel so helpless when I can’t help the poor souls for being safe. We Humans have done everything in every field, but we are still coping up with Awareness For The Animals to exist on this land as this land is equally divided by our Lord. Then who are we to determine who is suppose to live and die, when we ourselves don’t know the date of our death then how can we decide? This is so ridiculous, so strange and yet so unbelievable that people actually want these dogs to be killed, and then make ruthless videos and share it online. Why? why such a behavior? How many people would actually like the fact of killing an innocent animal? Why cannot they adopt a simple method of getting them treated and releasing them in their own territory? They don’t want to neither they want to spend the money given for the treatment of the animals, rather they would use their money and spend it on themselves!

With such a heavy heart I have to say that people, you need to wake up! DO something good today so you can be remembered tomorrow! Make your existence into a good use, speak up for the Animals not because I am saying so, but because whatever is happening is not suppose to happen! These animals deserve to live and that too freely!

Are you going to speak up for the rights of the Animals and help me increase awareness on this fact, would you?

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