A Paralyzed Dog Abandoned In Her Old Age

It is sometimes very difficult to believe that people often get ruthless when it comes to Animals being Senior. However, they end up in such a situation that they intend to abandon them just like that because they are of no use and just a burden on the family. This is what I have heard by people and witnessed, sadly only few are the ones, who take up the challenge of not letting them go, if their pets have aged, they make sure to be there until their last time.

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When you get a pet, you take them in as a puppy when they are such a little baby and with time you forget that your pet has aged with you. Ofcourse, when you get a puppy, with time you and the puppy grows older and then there is a time when your pet gets old, and what do you do, you abandon them- isn’t it rude? Your pet stays with your thick and thin, is there with you in your highs and lows, and understands each and every pain and even takes up your things on their life just to save you from any unforseen and what you do-you abandon them. Isn’t it strange? That your pet has been strong, protected you from unknown people to whom he thought were dangerous to you, stood by your side like a mountain- how can you just abandon them? These animals are so pure, that you cannot even imagine, they love with their full heart, full emotions and all they need in return is Love, Affection and Care. They are so naive that they even trust those, who poison them in food, they even trust thousands of Humans even after being tortured by a one in the past. They are so pure that even if you don’t feed them, they will still be guarding you, would be worrying for you WHY? because for them You Are Their Whole World. Ever wondered why they would go to any extend for you, it is because for them you are their family and in return what you did, just abandoned them why? because You Couldn’t Keep Him! this sort of behavior is not justified at all. Imagine you going through this yourself, how would you feel. If you’re sick, you’re physically challenged and your kids misbehave with you, call you names and burden then how would you feel? Similarly, these animals don’t complain, they feel and when they feel, they talk to their Creator who then sends angels on this land to make his Human understand the karma.

This is life, do good to everyone and then see what good happens to you. If you do anything bad to anyone, you would deal with Karma, because this is the Circle of life.

Think about it.

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