Ruthless People Do Exists In Our Society

Most of you would be thinking that why am I always writing about what type of cruelty is happening with the Animals, the reason is that I want to show the world that whatever is happening with the animals is not humane. It is sick to death, how can someone just dump their pet in such an age where he cannot even take of themselves, how can someone be just careless that they forgot their pet in the car in heat wave and to never return until a kind person spotted the dog in the car and called the police immediately. Animals are being tortured daily and the amount of cruelty taking place is something that we should be afraid of. This shows that people have lost their mental capacity of thinking that whether their act is sane or insane, whether they are hurting someone or not. Having such mentality is sick to death.

Watch Here, what did this puppy do to be left in the trash can with his whole body tied, he cannot complain, cry, even take out any voice for help. When I am in tears already, I can’t even imagine the pain the poor innocent puppy must have felt! We humans fail each day to prove our purpose of life.

Please speak up for the ethical behavior for animals, this is a must. If you cannot feed them then atleast don’t hurt them.

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