Majestic Wild Animals Deserve To Live Freely

In my various previous posts I had mentioned about how the wild animals have been captivated and how they live rest of their lives away from their herd, families and ofcourse habitat, most of us usually forget that these animals are sensitive and also hold the same emotions and sensitivity just as Humans do, we fail to understand the misery that these animals go through, just for the sake of money we can actually sell a living being, without even considering that how painful that moment would be for that animal? Such a monsters we are.

Watch Here

Look! just look at the way the beautiful majestic animal is weeping, because he has been in pain for years, he doesn’t even know the meaning of life, until the beautiful heroes who saved his life and all the other elephants who are living under the same sanctuary. Salute to all these people who literally made an effort, who literally stepped up and made the Elephant come out of his misery. Everyone of us, each one of us deserves a good living and hence it is our duty to perform our right the way it is told us. After all, we are Humans and should act like one by making the right decision, taking right oath of saving lives of those whom we can!

Always remember, whatever good you put out in the world, always finds a way coming back at you!

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