A Cute Little Meow

Just today afternoon as I was walking passed my kitchen window, there I saw a black cat meowing very loudly and running towards the top bench of the seat that was placed outside, as I got a bit closer I noticed that he was panting heavily so I quickly reached out for a clean bowl and took water from the refrigerator and mixed it with the plain water so that it isn’t so cold for him to drink. As soon as I placed the bowl outside, he ran down the seat and started drinking very fast. I stood there for a while almost good 10 minutes that I noticed that the level of the water inside bowl had immensely reduced and it made me realize that due to the strong heat and killing sun shine, it had let the little Cat feel thirsty. As soon as he was slowing down his drinking speed, he slowly slowly laid down on the floor and fell asleep. Don’t worry, there was shade and it seemed that as if after drinking water, he felt relieved.

The reason that I am sharing with you all is that to let you know, that whether the weather is cold or hot, these animals feel the same just like as us. They also feel thirsty as soon as the weather gets very warm that it becomes harsh on us. The sun also kills them but it’s heavy rays that it gets very difficult for them to stay outdoor. I understand the fact that we cannot give shelter to every animal outside our house, but atleast we can try to help them with the little effort we make. It’s just simple, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Place clean water bowl, switch the water after every 3-6hours in a day;
  2. Place easy food for them, whether bread or biscuits or even dry cat 0r dog food;
  3. If possible then keep an empty carton outside your house, so that if the animal feels hot, he has seek shelter inside it;
  4. It’s rainfall season and the climate has been changing rapidly therefore, we can place empty cardboard boxes in order for them to live in peacefully;

Doing as above would actually make you feel happy deep down inside, because you know that how it is to feel hot in burning weather that you don’t wish to do anything, and you start developing mood swings, it’s all because of the weather. Therefore, if you would even do it for one, you would see how quickly this effort would turn into a reward for you.

Try it!

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