Treatment Of The Animals In Vet Schools

In my previous articles, you must have seen that how I had covered about the Veterinary schools teaching their students the procedures on well and healthy animals that are caught from the streets. PETA has spoken about this clearly and I hope that now the authorities take strict actions and should consider this inhumane as to why they were testing on animals who are healthy and staying well.

The news which was hovering around all the social media about a medical school which was doing live testing on healthy animals to teach the procedures to their students, once the news hit the social media, all the bloggers, animal activists, animal enthusiasts started speaking about this inhumane behavior and kept sharing the devastating news and footages which was very disturbing to watch. The only reason to stop this practice is to let the authorities know that performing such activity on healthy animals is not the correct method, instead they should have consulted with the Shelter home so they can work together on broader aspect.

Hence, making this as a headline news on the leading newspaper wouldn’t have come along until everyone from around the globe worked together on this cause. This shows that if we try, we can make this society better for all the animals to live in peacefully.

Stay safe!

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