Saturday Post: First Horror Story Of A Rescue Pet

I didn’t know what rescue stories were until I became an Animal Enthusiast myself. I have come a long way and in this 20 years (2 decade) journey of mine has been filled with a roller coaster ride not because that I had to deal with so many things at a time but because so much was needed to be done and there was no one to share and neither help at that time.

Our current generation is actually very lucky to be on social media as in the early days, there wasn’t much interaction on the socials until the technology increased and now every household has their own channel. Life has been changing ever since, but what hasn’t changed is the system. The system that evolves the higher authorities, they are the ones to actually work together with the people of the country to make the system work properly but unfortunately, things don’t work that way. I remember when I was in my early teens and I had found a little kitty in my garden, I didn’t know about the Vets much back then because that was the very first time when I encountered such a rescue and didn’t have a pet either at that time, so my mom helped me with her own pet experience about what to feed her and how to care for her. With time I realized that the things changed, Vet word became common, people shared same interest and then pet foods were commonly found in the retail outlets as well as the social media forums.

I still remember the very first interaction I had with someone on a animal profile group where people were discussing about home remedies and implementing their ideas and consultations by themselves on the pet, that moment for me was so devastating that I was shocked to see that how people can simply get on a online forum and without consulting their pet’s vet, they simply do whatever with their pet just by asking some random person about a remedy! Since then, I have been sharing and saying same thing to my clients that no matter what happened, instead of asking a question online, it is always better to rush to the Vet or simply call! Because, we don’t know what is wrong with the pet until the Vet examines it and suggests some medications.

Therefore, please be careful when you’re treating your pets as they deserve some serious concerns and health examinations by professionals. It is very important to have them checked before it gets too late to accept your negligence.

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