Say A Little Prayer, Would You?

With a very heavy heart, tears dripping down my eyes, with my hands shaking I write this article as I have gathered myself to talk about my baby Diesel’s death. I didn’t know that I would be writing about this because you know, there is a thought that runs in our head that our Pets won’t leave us, they can’t leave us, the fact that everyone has to leave one day, we still want to live in denial. The similar thought run through my mind as well. But this is life, and everyone has to leave one day.

My Diesel he was a super-dog, he was one little mischievous puppy who came to us at the age of 3 months precisely, with him we had 2 other little puppies, Labrador and German Shepherd. Diesel, Fluffy and German were friends who stayed together and fought together, while my, that time Senior dog, Blackie a beautiful breed of Border Collie had her own space and land to roam, rule and be the queen. We never had any such issues with the Dogs keeping as being in Pakistan, we have the privilege of having a huge house with house help around, so saying that these little puppies used to be tied together during the day and let loose during the night to do all the things they want, the most adoring and naughty one was Diesel, why? because he was the only and the first dog ever who always let himself unchain and we don’t know how? and the rest of the lot specially German Shepherd used to bark and bark and shout to let us know that he is loose! the funny part was as if German is saying in Human language (Come out, see, he is unleashed, he is unleashed, come and catch him), I am dead serious, everyone in the house used to be like what is happening why are the dogs shouting, now there is a difference between barking and shouting of the dogs! and whenever me or mom went to look out, we always found Diesel unleashed while the Gsd and Labrardor stayed chained and Diesel was trying to unleash them. Oh my goodness! that was a toil really. This exercise went on for days for us, until one day, Mom decided to chain him and chain him twice and then put a lock (don’t worry, the chains weren’t heavy on their necks and that were pretty loose so they could roam around easily as well), but the next morning to our sight of disbelief, Diesel outdone the lock as well and we still don’t know how did that happen, he didn’t hurt himself as well and those chains and lock remained at their specific place only, but Diesel was out of the chain and lock, which we still think of and laugh. All of the puppies grew, since we had always kept Female Dogs, having a Male puppy and to understand his ofcourse natural habit, that was a learning experience for me. The weather was so humid and too much heat, that whenever we thought of getting him neutered it always was something or other which popped up. So we didn’t get him neutered. With time, these little puppies developed Parvo virus, Diesel was the first one who had it, but that time I couldn’t make it out that what had happened to him, as he stopped eating but drank water I thought it must be because of weather or something, (also, Vets weren’t common that time, and this is 23 years back), after almost a week Diesel began eating food, and labrador and Gsd fell sick, we took them to the hospital, Labrador couldn’t take the virus and she passed away in a day only. Gsd was on drips and she got better and that was a sight of relief when the Vet gave her a leg piece and she grabbed it as if she was so hungry. It was an amazing sight. During that time, after 2 years, my Gsd got rabid because he probably killed a poisoned rat in the garden. We couldn’t save her and that was the time when we as a family were broken. But the thought of going strong was running in our head because we had our Senior Dog and Diesel to take care of. Diesel and Blackie weren’t friends so we kept their privacy and never let them together because we know that how much possessive these dogs are for their master. Then one day on 9th March 2012, at 3:am, our Blackie passed away after 13 years. This is a relief as a family that our dogs made it to their Senior Age and we were there for them as a family. Blackie was one of sweet baby and I shall tell you more about her in my separate article. All my dogs have been my power and my moral support no doubt. When I say my Diesel is my lifeline, it means that he was the one who understood my mood swings, my temper, my sorrows and my happiness, he knew it all. He was one of a kind who literally outstood all the other breeds, he kept his spirit high and even until the end of time he didn’t give up until his body stopped responding.

Indeed, Diesel has outstood all the beautiful breeds and fought hard and till the end of time, he shall be remembered forever and ever and the void shall always remain.

My Baby Diesel is no more and I still cannot believe the fact that he isn’t any more!

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Author: Hena Osman

An Animal Lover, Blogger for Animal Rights, Animal Enthusiast, Animal Whisperer and an Animal Activist. My blog is all about Educating and Creating Awareness about Animals co-existence in our society. There is a void which is still existing in the mindsets of the people and my articles are all about clearing the concept about how well Humans and Animals can live together on this land with full freedom.

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