Winters And Christmas Season

As it’s the winter season, so is the Christmas time. Everyone had lit up their houses, sale have begum at the major stores and malls, everywhere is a fun time. Ever wondered how would be with the Animals? How we go to the animal shelter one day, and how we return back with the same animal and drop it off at the shelter because Christmas was over and you didn’t need that animal anymore? Do you even know the amount of trauma you caused him during the days of taking him to his so-called forever home, gave him meals, love and attention and then all of a sudden left him back in the same shelter to whine all day long? Do you even know the amount of sadness he developed just because his humans once again left him all alone to die? How much and how well the shelters can care for them? for years only but not for infinity. Do you even know that every year these poor animals are sent to Kill shelters, where these animals are killed because no one is willing to adopt them or even foster them, because everyone wants or needs Breed or a specific age or other classifications, sadly it is a bitter reality. The poor animals are sent to kill shelters just because of Humans, as just because of their greed and lust, these animals couldn’t stay into their own homes, because either their families didn’t need them, or abandoned them, or even tortured them to death or left them at the shelter to die.

This is the true face of a Human, every year, there is a handsome number of animals that is killed because the shelter homes are filled with animals that they have no more space left to take in more animals as they need funds as well to spend on the current animals that eventually, when the number of these animals are increased, they are sent to Kill Shelters. This is the same that happens on Christmas, my heart bleeds because I am helpless in the matter of helping these beautiful innocent souls, who literally did nothing and yet have to pay the price of their Human’s greed. I have seen the cries, the tears dropping down their eyes, they have no way of sharing their deepest fear of letting you go, they are so faithful animals that they can’t even think of abandoning you, because it is the Human who abandons and that is so true.

How many of you are going to abandon your own Pets for the sake of a new one? Because the moment you abandon your current pet for a new one, then trust me, You don’t deserve to have another one as you cannot take care of the one you have! If it’s your Christmas then it’s their too ‘live and let live’ don’t make their life more miserable by abandoning them.

They have dealt a lot of pain already and they don’t deserve to be treated the way that you think. They are animals and very close to GOD, if you want to please your LORD then you should take care of them as they are the least being who can every benefit you monetarily.

Think about it.

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