Traumatized Dog Makes A Remarkable Recovery

I always knew that the cause that I have chosen won’t be easy as it comes in with a lot of hard work, effort, relentless struggle of days, weeks, months, years to make it a believable fact for people around us to understand that these Animals are not an ‘object’ to play with. As what I believe and have faith in that everything, every being on this planet has been brought on this land for a purpose and everyone is fulfilling their purpose unlike ‘Humans’ who treat and mistreat the ones they feel they can rule upon.

Here is a video of a Dog who has been traumatized, used and abused by the owner who had used him in Animal Fight Club, now my point of view is, why do these Animal Fight Club even exist? Aren’t we humans enough to spread more hatred, cruelty amongst us that we need Animals to be a part of it? Using these innocent souls for their sake of entertainment, these animals don’t even know why their owner is willing to put them into such situation where either would be a survivor and how painful would be the death. It’s so awful when I think about it.

This Doggo, who lost his voice just because of his previous owners, GOD, how awful it is. Just because of this behavior was at the risk of being put down by the shelter home as nobody wants to adopt a dog with a Fighting Past. But seems, things were different for Scooby. To find out more, you have to check out the video and comment below your thoughts.

It is really sad and bitter reality that we (Humans, have literally taken everything for granted and treat the animals specially in such a regard where their life is considered as unimportant-how pathetic! I never call a Sport as a Sport where the Animals are being used, tortured, humiliated because they are living beings and I respect them truly from the bottom of my heart because this is my Purpose of life!

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