Friday Post: Anyone Met A Dog-Visitor?

Ever wondered how it would be to have a Dog-visitor at home, who shows up every day and at three different specific times to enjoy your meals and considers your home as his. Ever wondered? For me it would be a sight of excitement and joy to have a doggo over to spend some quality time with.

Watch Here

I have always loved the fact that Cats are frequent visitor of my place, and usually in the community that I reside in, it allows everyone to feed the strays and that’s why I can easily spot Cats and stray dogs in the vicinity roaming around the food bowls that has been placed by the residents and officials in the area.

This is the least that Humans can do and I believe this is the only way to be kind, to learn kindness and empathy for the people around us.

Little by Little; every action speaks louder than words.

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