Are You Excited About The Dog Show?

Last week on Sunday 4th December 2022, GERMAN SHEPHERD LANDESGRUPPEN SHOW was organized at the Defence Authority Creek Club.

The show started off by pet owners coming over to the venue with their registered pets, so far a good ambiance because the people were still coming in and were making their pets adjust to the environment. As soon as the venue was filled with the guests and the participants, the show began with the mentioned categories, we had All Breed Dog Show, followed by Landesgruppen Show GSD show, followed with the puppies category as well. As I was making a live video for my Facebook Group, I went on to ask people about their pets and their participation, but all that I could get to hear was “I am not the owner, I am a trainer”. My question is, none of them actually looked like a trainer, just because they held the leash of the dog, doesn’t makes them the trainer. What I am amused is that how come the owners were not present while they had let their own dogs be with someone else. I believe, the dog performs well only when the owner is with them, on their command. Trainers are professional and sorry to say, I didn’t get to witness any serious trainer at the event, except for one who was adamant on shouting loudly on the dog to show that he was the trainer. I have trained all the dogs and trained them pretty well, we as a family never kept any trainer though we could have but because, our dogs were family dogs and hence, we didn’t prefer any outsider to train our dogs. The best training is, when the dog understands the sign language without you uttering anything from the mouth! I call that trainer. We as a family have always kept in mind that these dogs are family, pure domestic dogs and they would only listen to the command of their owner and not trainer. It is always better to train your dogs yourself, why? because, if you have kept them as a pet, then make sure that you spend time with them, and spending time itself means to make them learn tricks and give commands so they grasp and listen to each detail carefully.

I don’t believe in trainers because, then that pet is not yours, if he is going to have divided attention of the owner as well as trainer, and all he would take commands only from the trainer as he is the one who has spent most of the time with him in and around the training process as well. Therefore, if you want your dog to be YOURS purely, then instead of being harsh on him, spend time with them, train them yourself as this is the best way to create bonding and this bonding does lasts forever.

You will miss this forever!

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