All Breed Championship Dog Show

On this 11th December, 2022, Pakistan Kennel Club conducted All Breed Championship Dog Show at Zamzama Club. This show was organized by prominent names in the Pet Industry as Danish Azhar, Agha Butt, Syed Imtiaz Shah. This dog show portrayed the pet culture in Pakistan, which actually showcased the Pet Enthusiasts, Pet owners, Breeds, Pet Lovers.

Below is the picture of one of the participant receiving the Certificate alongwith the trophy from Foreign Judge Mr. Marc Anderson. It was a pleasure to have him on the show.

Such shows should be held in our country which actually depicts the true culture of Animal Enthusiast, it is a misconception of the people living out of our Country that the people of our Country are animal eaters, haters and dislike Animals a lot, which is not true. It is the bitter reality that our media does showcases such news around the globe which helps people gather the negative thoughts about our Country.

In the end, there are more Dog Shows coming up in the near future and we look forward to attending them as well. Till then, stay tuned until we share the dates of the Dog Shows.

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