Do You Know What Is A Komodo Dragon?

It is such a sad state that we Humans have forgotten that we are no one to take anyone’s life for which ever reason. It was just yesterday that I came across a Komodo Dragon- yes, don’t worry, it’s harmless and I was so excited to witness a wild creature before my eyes in a housing society, especially as I had only heard about it and never saw it. I would only say that it was simply minding his own business, but I am glad that the road was empty, and it was just my car few feet away from him until I spotted something crawling on the road.

I was very careful already and let that creature crawl it’s way at peace, and in the meanwhile I took my camera and made his video until he was gone far away from my eyes. The only thing I wish to add is that people need to learn that to give privacy to everyone and every living being is a basic right and we should not take that for granted because they all deserve it, so what if it is an animal and cannot speak for itself, we need to learn that we do need to let everyone breathe just as the way they are brought on this land.

We need to know that these wild animals are not to be poked, disturbed or by any means to be treated as toy, if you spot them then give them way, so they can go back to their place where they came from, usually what happens is that children if they spot these creatures, they pick a stone and start throwing stones at them, and the poor creature doesn’t even know what is hitting him hard, kindly teach your children empathy towards Animals as this is something we all should learn and follow. Basic principle of life is to be kind to everyone and every being.

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