Dog Culling On The Rise Again!

It is such a sad state that we Humans have forgotten that we are no one to take anyone’s life for which ever reason. It was just yesterday that I came across a Komodo- yes, don’t worry, it’s harmless and I was so excited to witness a wild creature before my eyes in a housing society, especially as I had only heard about it and never saw it. I would only say that it was simply minding his own business, but I am glad that the road was empty, and it was just my car few feet away from him until I spotted something crawling on the road. If instead of me, there was a child on the road, he would have run towards him to pick him up with bare hands and then play with it, without knowing how and what to do with it.

People nowadays have forgotten that using the word “Kill” is so common that in today’s era, we all oftenly say to kill the dogs by any means. Whenever I hear this statement by even educated people, it just makes me go mad, do you know why? It is because, people have lost their minds, they have been so manipulated that without thinking twice, they would easily say to get the dog killed, instead of getting him checked by the vet, or even calling the doctor at home- they chose the option to kill the four legged. I understand that there have been multiple cases of dog bites, but behind those dog bites are very mature and valid reason-and that reason nobody wants to listen. I’ll share the most common reasons and why do dog bites-in the list below:

1- No dog just loses his mind without being bothered, he knows who bothered him, they have a fantastic memory-they remember it until their last breath;

2- If a biker has ever misbehaved with a dog, or even caused him any hit and run case, then that dog will surely bark at all the bikers if spotted him throughout the day, don’t blame the dog.

3- If a dog is sitting at the corner of the road, don’t you bother him or kick him, they would definitely bite you;

4- No dog is born MAD, they get these diseases because people like YOU, who disown them, who throw them out of their house, abandon them, torture them, they develop such neurological issues-which is a sign of serious depression.

Having an animal is a 24/7/365 and it needs proper and thorough monitoring because this is an animal who breathes, eats, poops, pee, and even can get into trouble. So kindly be kind to them and never disturb them while they are asleep, they also deserve to sleep well because none of them even get a proper sleep, until they are HOMED.

Think about it.

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