Best Pet Blog And Animal Activist Of The Year 2022

I am so glad and excited to announce that on this 17th December 2022, I was called upon as a Speaker at a speaker session in Marriot on the event of 3rd Woman Empowerment Global Leadership & Best Entrepreneur Awards 2022.

At the event I was awarded with the most accomplishing Award for Best Pet Blog and Animal Activist Of The Year 2022.

I can’t thank enough to my ALLAH because, whatever I am today, the recognition that I have received, the love and respect that I receive from everyone is just so exceptional, I am loss of words because I feel that the recognition, respect, trust and above all prayers that I have got from everyone, my family, and the silent prayers of the Animals whom I helped knowingly and unknowingly.

It’s all because of them, it’s all about taking that one leap of faith-believe in yourself and do your best till your last breath.

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