Don’t Neglect The Animals Who Serve You Bread

This is a message to all those people who use animals as a source of bread. Once they are done with their money-making business, they abandon the animal on it’s own without giving any proper care and affection and without even thinking twice that how that animal is going to survive on its own when it has been with the owner since a long time.

Watch Here

It is an everyday abuse that we spot on our daily routine and when we approach them, they are so rude that they don’t wish to listen to us, neither let us help the poor animal and then what happens is that, the animal tends to live in misery or when someone spots the animal abuse, then they are dealt seriously.

I request you all to kindly help the animals in need, they may not be able to speak for themselves, this is our duty, our responsibility to speak up for their basic right, their needs, this is not a luxury, this is basic need for them to live freely and at ease.

Help us to help them!

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